April 14, 2015

Happy Birthday, Lilyanne!

Hey everyone! How'd your guy's weekend go? Mine was fantastic to say the least. Can you guess why? My daughter is turning 2 on the 15th. However, we decided it'd be best to celebrate it this past Saturday. The theme was Minnie Mouse, which is her current obsession. Chrissy ordered a princess dress but it wouldn't button up so Lilyanne wound up wearing her Halloween costume which worked out perfectly :)

The cupcake cake! I loved it. So creative. 

To my surprise, Walmart had all sorts of Minnie Mouse party supplies. 
Kevin and I made sure she was decked out. I loved this cupcake stand. We had to sit it inside the box though because the wind gusts were getting pretty heavy.

After we sang happy birthday she dove right into the cupcakes!

These are two of my favorite photos! 
She looks so sweet and innocent, it makes me want to squeeze her.

I hope she had a wonderful unforgettable birthday.

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